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New Podcast for January 26, 2011

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

Some correspondence sure would be nice.

Junichi Akagawa – Flus
erectricmole – Suirun
Suyama Marei – Marei Suyama From Ngatari
Phew – Thatness and Thereness
Taishin Inoue – Voices in Cells
Nisennenmondai – appointment

The stream. The feed.

– Cowboy the Gold

New Podcast for January 19, 2011

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

This week’s show has some older (but not too much older) music that I can dig. 1000s of Cats is a good band. Go to their website, buy their mersh and go to their lives.

こけしDoll – 遮光ジャックナイフ
Hoahio – Happy Mail
Rain Maker – Standing Here
1000s of Cats – ゴミ
Lantern Parade – track 26
Under Current – Send A Blank Letter
Tanaka Akira – Moon Holiday

We stream the show every week, but you should get off your ass and set up the feed.

– Sol de la Noche

First Tasty Life podcast of 2011

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

Sorry for the long break. Sometimes things get rough hiding from the RDEI in the Suzuka Mountains. Luckily, there are plenty of bears to fight bare-handed to keep out martial art skills in shape. The show this week is about 45 minutes long so we can catch up. Don’t be scared of the long set list, the Satoru Wono quartet pieces are only a minute long.

霞鳥幻樂団 – いっぱい食おうぜ!
Satoru Wono – 32
村八分 – 馬の骨
Satoru Wono – 30
avengers in sci-fi – Future Never Knows
Satoru Wono – 16
Warehouse – Dead Man’s Shoe
Satoru Wono – 37
RiLF – Anechoic Room
Satoru Wono – 12
Schizmah – SerpentS on the rode
Satoru Wono – 44
Aunt Sally – Essay
Satoru Wono – 38
BXI – Teeth and Claws
Satoru Wono – 27
Shugo Tokumaru – River Low

If you just get the stream, you’ll miss out on cool stuff, like our Xmas guerrilla special. Get the feed.

– Cowboy the Gold